I'm an Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan School of Information, where I created the Information Interaction Lab. We study the next generation of user interfaces, as well as the methods and tools to create them. With the goal of making interfaces easier to use and to create, our research benefits both users and designers, and allows more users to be designers.

Previously, I was a Swiss NSF-funded Visiting Researcher in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, and a Senior Researcher and Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zurich.

Curriculum Vitae

My lab is rapidly growing, but I'm always looking for people who share my interests in designing, building, and studying novel user interfaces. If you are interested in working with me, send me an email.

Research at the University of Michigan (2016-today)

Since starting the Michigan Information Interaction Lab in September 2016, I have taken my research on cross-device interfaces further and developed a new focus on AR/VR interfaces. This work has led to three papers at the ACM CHI 2018 conference. I am also contributing to the AVMR Initiative, created an AR Teach-Out, and developed two new courses focused on AR/VR design and development.

Selected AR/VR Research

  • 360proto (CHI'19 paper): a 360 paper prototyping tool to rapidly create AR/VR prototypes from paper and bring them to life on AR/VR devices based on a set of emerging paper prototyping templates specifically for AR/VR immersive environments, AR marker overlays and face masks, VR controller models and menus, and 2D screens and HUDs
  • ProtoAR (CHI'18 paper): a rapid physical-digital prototyping tool for mobile augmented reality apps that enables rapid transition from physical prototyping using paper wireframes and Play-doh models to digital prototyping based on multi-layer cross-device authoring and interactive capture tools
  • XD-AR (EICS'18 paper): an augmented reality platform that we are developing for multi-user multi-device augmented reality experiences that allow users to "edit" the physical world in realtime
  • 360Anywhere (EICS'18 paper): a platform enabling multi-user collaboration scenarios using augmented reality projections of 360 video streams

Please find out more on the Information Interaction Lab web site.

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Selected Publications

For the full list of publications, please check Google Scholar and DBLP.

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    You can reach me by email via nebeling@umich.edu.

    If you are interested in my work, please feel free to follow me on Twitter @michinebeling.

    Twitch AR/VR Office Hours, Tuesdays 2-3pm EST!

    Check out my CodePen A-Frame collections!

    News and Events

    January Got a Disney Research Faculty Award. This award will enable me to implement and test my AR workbench concept. I'm excited!

    December Two papers conditionally accepted to CHI 2019: one on my 360proto tool for making AR/VR interfaces from paper and the other is a conceptual framework for classifying mixed reality experiences developed based on expert interviews and a literature survey, led by my former postdoc, Max Speicher. Also, my CHI 2019 AR/VR prototyping course was accepted.

    November Got a Mozilla Research Grant for a next-generation AR/VR browser. This award will support several new students joining my lab next semester! Joined UIST 2019 PC. Looking forward to visiting Stanford next summer and to your submissions!

    October Attending parts of UIST, AWE, and ISMAR in Germany! Walter Lasecki is going to present our paper on Arboretum at UIST and I'll present The Trouble with AR/VR Authoring Tools at ISMAR.

    September New semester starting. Teaching interaction design and my new AR/VR course! Joined the CHI 2019 PC on the Engineering Interactive Systems & Technologies subcommittee.

    August Workshop paper The Trouble with AR/VR Authoring Tools accepted at ISMAR 2018.

    July Became EICS 2019 Technical Chair. Max Speicher completed his postdoc in my lab. Good luck for the future!

    June Visiting ETH Zurich and giving a talk on our AR research. Attending UIST 2018 PC meeting. Learned a lot, and had some fun. XDBrowser related paper for improving web accessibility got in. Brian presenting XD-AR and 360Anywhere at EICS 2018.

    May Visiting Disney Studios! Also visiting Disney Research LA and giving a talk on our AR research. 360Anywhere accepted at EICS 2018.

    April Wrapping up UIST 2018 submissions. Attending CHI 2018. XD-AR accepted at EICS 2018.

    March Giving an Ignite UX talk on ProtoAR. Launching my AR Teach-Out. Giving a mini lecture on AR/VR to our incoming MSI students. Rob and Josh will join me as PhD students! Welcome to U-M!

    February Visiting Oculus Research (now Facebook Reality Labs) and giving a talk on our AR research. Also, excited to join the UIST 2018 PC!

    January Two AR/VR course proposals accepted! Going to start teaching the AR/VR intro course in Fall 2018. Also, started filming our AR Teach-Out. Going to launch in March.

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    My work at Michigan is supported by the School of Information, the Office of Academic Innovation, and the Exercise & Sport Science Initiative. It is also externally sponsored by Microsoft, Google, Lenovo, Disney, Ford, and Masco.

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