I'm an Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan School of Information, where I created the Information Interaction Lab. We study the next generation of user interfaces, as well as the methods and tools to create them. With the goal of making interfaces easier to use and to create, our research benefits both users and designers, and allows more users to be designers.

Previously, I was a Swiss NSF Advanced Postdoc in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, and a Senior Researcher and Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zurich.

Curriculum Vitae

Research at the University of Michigan (2016-today)

We recently got three new papers accepted at CHI 2018. I'll publish more details here soon.

My lab is rapidly growing, but I'm always looking for people who share my interests in designing, building, and studying novel user interfaces, powered not only by technology, but also by humans. If you are interested in working with me, send me an email (undergrads, PhD students, postdocs, interns).

Below are early prototypes from my new research lab:

  • XD-AR: an augmented reality platform that we are developing for multi-user multi-device augmented reality experiences that allow users to "edit" the physical world in realtime
  • 3D Lab: virtual and physical 3D models of our lab environment that we are using to design new forms of natural user interfaces and cross-device interactions for both users in the lab and users participating remotely
  • Surface Pad: initially conceived as a sketching interface that can work with new kinds of input devices, we are currently exploring how the interface can be extended to easily import and blend content from the digital and physical worlds

Please find out more on the Information Interaction Lab web site.

Research at Carnegie Mellon University (2015-2016)

Using my Swiss NSF mobility grant at CMU, I investigated ways of orchestrating multiple devices and crowds to enable complex information seeking, sensemaking and productivity tasks on small mobile and wearable devices. I also contributed to the Google IoT project led by CMU. This work led to three papers at ACM CHI 2016:

  • WearWrite: a wearable interface enabling smartwatch users to orchestrate crowd workers on more powerful devices to complete writing tasks on their behalf (CHI'16 paper, CHI'16 talk, UIST'15 demo, tech report on arXiv)
  • XDBrowser: a new cross-device web browser that I used to elicit 144 multi-device web page designs for five popular web interfaces leading to seven cross-device web page design patterns (CHI'16 paper, CHI'16 talk, CHI'17 paper, CHI'17 talk)
  • Snap-To-It: a mobile app allowing users to opportunistically interact with appliances in multi-device environments simply by taking a picture of them (CHI'16 paper)

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Selected Publications

For the full list of publications, please check Google Scholar and DBLP.

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    News and Events

    December Three of our papers accepted at CHI 2018! New grants from Ford and Masco around AR/VR projects.

    November Started developing two new courses on Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality. There was also a first article about it in the Michigan Record.

    October My proposal for a U-M Teach-Out around the past, present, and future of AR interfaces was accepted. Looking forward to producing it over the next few weeks! I was also on the PhD thesis committee of Maria Husmann at ETH Zurich. Excellent cross-device research!

    September In a great team effort, my lab submitted six papers to CHI 2018. Thanks everyone! Here's a showreel of our summer research. I'm very proud of this work with my students.

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    My work at Michigan is supported by the School of Information, the Office of Academic Innovation, and the Exercise & Sport Science Initiative. It is also externally sponsored by Microsoft, Lenovo, Ford, and Masco.


    You can reach me by email via nebeling@umich.edu.

    If you are interested in my work, please feel free to follow me on Twitter @michinebeling.